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Dr. Ge Chen (Hannah) grew up in China and experienced the effective benefits of ancient holistic style acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.

She is a registered acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner (AHPRA, AACMA membership).

She had done training in NanJing China to upgrade her skills followed a high reputation mentor in pulse taking, ancillary methods and a lot more.

She also completed her training in Master Tung Acupuncture in Shanghai. This is a style of Acupuncture that was invented by Master Tung last century. It is a much safer and effective approach to help people as needles are only needed on the patients’ limbs, feet and sometimes one the head and face. 

Her goal with any therapy is to help patients eliminate any discomforts and correct any energy imbalances. 

Hannah has a special interest in women’s health (period pain, PMS, PCOS, infertility and lactation support), pain management, emotional management, Chinese dietary therapy, Parkinson conditions management, digestive issues, sleeping disorders. 

She does meditation everyday to balance herself in physical and spiritual way.

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