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Meet Hannah

Dr. Ge Chen (Hannah) is a registered acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner (AHPRA, AACMA membership).

She has completed her training in Master Tung Acupuncture, a much safer and effective approach.

Hannah's goal with any therapy is to help patients eliminate any discomforts and correct any energy imbalances. 


We have a special interest in the below specialisations, but you can make an appointment for a consultation no matter what your concern.

Pain Management

Women’s Health

Digestion Issues


Sleep Disorders

Parkinson Conditions


For the above treatments and more, we recommend an initial consultation. You can book directly online, or contact us here



An important component of Chinese medicine where tiny needles are inserted at strategic points for stimulation of nerves, muscles and connective tissue. 

Pressure point massage 2


For needle phobic or cancer clients, acupressure is a good alternative. Your acupoints are pressed and massaged to help achieving therapeutic outcomes.

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Acupuncture, acupressure and Chinese medicines may help with fertility and women's health issues, including regulating hormones and improving uterine blood flow.



The opposite of massage, cupping gently draws congested blood and energy to the surface of the skin. It is used to relieve pain, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, rheumatism and cellulite. 



This is a Chinese medicine using massage that works on your acupoints to relieve pain, tension and anxiety. The treatment is considered one of the oldest forms of bodywork.

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Non-invasive Cosmetic Treatment

A safer alternative to botox, Chinese medicine treatments including acupuncture, GuaSha (scraping), acupressure, can make the skin look younger, smoother and healthier, addressing the signs of ageing.


Non-invasive cosmetic treatments are coming to the Aura clinic soon. Subscribe for updates on new booking availability. 

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